Inventory Services

My Inventory Services include Inventory and Schedule of Condition Reports, Check In and Check Out Reports and Mid Term Inspection reports. All reports are easy to comprehend, in depth and accurately detailed from a factual and unbiased perspective. These are then backed with date stamped high resolution digital photographs. All photographs are stored securely on my server until you no longer require them. The above services include unfurnished, part furnished and fully furnished properties.

My reports are impartial and are provided to avoid disagreements and misunderstandings when the tenancy comes to an end. An independent inventory and schedule of condition report has proved to end disputes at the end of tenancies, thus giving landlords and tenants peace of mind. These services appeal to both private landlords and estate agents because of the effectiveness, competitive rates, and an independent view especially in the case of legal conflicts should they arise.

I will keep you informed at all times and liaise with you throughout the process. To book an initial meeting either in person or by telephone, please complete the online form, call or email me.

Property Inventory and Schedule of Condition Report

The Inventory Report and Schedule of Condition Report includes a full description of the property including any outbuildings, stables, barns, swimming pools and tennis courts etc., a record of the contents, fixtures and fittings and a full schedule of condition and deterioration, if any. Gardens and grounds are also detailed. Dates stamped high resolution digital photographs are then added to professionally backup our reports. The photographs are embedded within the report and are taken for each room including photos of outbuildings and gardens etc. During the inventory, I will check lights, smoke alarms, CO alarms and also record the utility meters including oil and bottled gas. If a property has been vacant for a period of time, I will also run taps to avoid onset Legionella bacterial infection. Please advise if you feel this is necessary.

Tenant Check In

I will meet and greet your tenant and accompany them around the property whilst highlighting the comments and conditions stated on the inventory. Keys, meter readings and location of the utilities will also be recorded. Once the tenant or tenant’s representative has agreed upon the condition of the property, I will obtain their signature/s. Any discrepancies found in the inventory report will be added to the final check in report. If necessary, the inventory report will be amended and then the final check in report will be created and given to the landlord or estate agent and the tenant. This then becomes a part of the pack of legal documents held by both parties.

The purpose of a final check in report is to verify the condition of the property and its contents that have been agreed upon by the tenant or the tenant’s representative before the rental commences. This aims to reduce the possibility of a dispute when the tenancy ends.

Tenant Check out

The tenant check out process is possibly the most important process of a tenancy. At the end of the term, I will re-inspect the property and compare the present condition with the original inventory and check in report. During this process, areas identified as damaged and fair wear and tear are recorded. The cleanliness of the property and missing items will also be noted. The report will be completed with the emphasis on any changes and backed with date stamped photos. The final utility meter readings will be recorded as well as the number of keys returned. The report will be signed off and copies will then be given to the landlord or estate agent and the tenant.

Any damages that are noted through the check out process create a foundation for discussion between the landlord and the tenant. Compensation or costs can be determined.

Mid-Term Inspections

I regard the mid-term inspections of great value to landlords and estate agents. I will make arrangements to visit the property at 3 or 6 month intervals, whichever has been agreed with your tenant. I will assess the condition of the property at those times and make a note of any repair or maintenance issues that the tenant may have. This enables me to keep track of the state of the property, advise the tenant and report anything untoward to the estate agent or landlord. This report is especially important to those landlords who live abroad or out of the area.